Sunday, January 25, 2004

I went to the movie "Win A Date With Tad Hamiliton" this weekend. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I ended up enjoying myself. The movie is about a girl from a small town in West Virginia who wins a date with the hot new actor Tad Hamilton. He has a bad boy reputation. His agent and manager believe that he needs to improve that reputation so they set him up with a small town "nice" girl who works at the "Piggly Wiggly". It turns out that Tad thinks he is in-love with Kate Bosworth. He wants her goodness to rub off of him. I think the movie shows a true side of hollywood. Tad realizes that his life as a actor and being a bad boy hasn't really created much meaning in his life. I find this to be true. So many hollywood stars get so caught up on having expensive cars, elaborate homes, and designer clothes that they lose sight of reality. It also doesn't help that our society eats it all up. So many people are obsessed with these hollywood stars and they have never meant them. At first Kate is a huge fan of Tad and is exactly like many other young teenage girls. She sees him as this perfect image and would never imagine him to be anything but perfect. In the end, she realizes that he is far from that perfect image. She realizes that the boy from her small home-town is the one she loves. So many young people think of these hollywood stars as people to model their lives after. I just don't understand why everyone wants to have their role-models be people they don't even know. Yes, a lot of actors are good entertainers. But are they really doing anything that great? They have an impact on people and society. But I don't see it being a good impact. They make people want to be more materialistic and obsessed with making money. Too many times people get caught up in materialism. It is however, something everyone should try to stay away from.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

After reading “What Sacagawea Means to Me”, I started to think about what life was like for a Native American before Lewis and Clark. “If the U.S. is Eden, then Sacagawea is eve,” describes how Sacagawea is our mother. Before the majority of our ancestors ever arrived to the United States, the Native Americans were here. It is sad to think that people came here and took over the United States. Lewis and Clark are thought to be great explorers and are highly respected. After reading this article, I second guessed myself. It is hard to think that these men are heroes when they took over the land of the Native Americans. The United States is not a great nation because Lewis and Clark’s expedition. It is not great because the European American’s took over the land. It is a great nation because of all the different people that voluntarily or involuntarily came to the US. The United States has diversity and that is what makes it great. The author is right to think that colonization can be a bad thing but he is also right that it is somewhat magical. Many Americans came here without choice or were already here and asked to change their lifestyles. Although these Americans did not choose their lifestyles, they have greatly impacted the United States.
I also started to think about life before colonization. The United States was completely different for the Native Americans before any Europeans came here. Was life better or worse before colonization? One time in high school my friend Jordan said he would want to live during the time period of the Native Americans before the Europeans came over. I started to wonder what it would be like to live as they did. Materialism was not a factor for these people. They did not worry about the types of things that go on in the world today. Their day to day living was much harder but it was also much simpler. There was no fear of terrorism, murder, rape, violence and having money. Nowadays, being rich is so important in our society. People lose sight of what’s really important like family, friends, and the simpler things in life. I am sure the time period of the Native Americans was very hard and very unpredictable. I am not sure though that I wouldn’t mind a simpler way of living.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Testing for my new wonderful blogging!

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