Sunday, April 11, 2004

After seeing “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” it made me think a lot about life and how our minds work. There are many reasons why this movie wasn’t practical. There isn’t any way now with technology to erase a specific person from someone’s memory. However, if it were somehow possible, I am not sure I would want to do a procedure like that. In the movie, the main girl decides she wants her ex-boyfriend completely erased from her memory so she doesn’t think about him anymore. In the end she ends up getting back together with him and they realize that they both had the same procedure of erasing each other from their memories. I don’t think that people should have that type of thing completely erased from their memories. Rather than dealing with the problem, they would just always be running away from their problems. In real life, people need to face their problems and overcome them. It is not the right thing to just run away from the problem trying to pretend it never happened. That will not happen. The end was very ironic though because they ended up together anyway and sub-consciously did things certain ways that they had consciously learned from the past. I feel that sub-conscious thoughts can even occur now in this world. It is proven that people will sometimes repress bad memories and then will remember them later in life through therapy.

When studying in college, many students are facing the question of what to do with their lives. The majority of students want to be someone that is successful and makes a lot of money. Now, the thing that each individual student needs to decide is how they want to be successful, what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Choosing their majors is a hard decision. It is scary to sometimes think it is a life decision that you will be doing the rest of your life. Many people question what will make them successful. No one wants to admit that they only want to make a lot of money but the majority of people in the US want to have a lot of money. But many people find themselves asking what exactly success is? Is it someone who makes the most money, the one that leads the most glamorous life, the one who drives an expensive car and buys designer clothes? Is it the one that has that “well-known” name and knows everybody who is somebody? Or is it someone that helps society not for themselves or for the label but out of the kindness of their hearts. Is it someone that seems simple and plain but contributes to their community in a way that no “hot-shot” would spend their time donating to charities, fundraisers and being a honest citizen. Isn’t it someone who leads an honest, hard-labor life style in order to raise a respectable family and give back to society? It should be someone that actually helps society grow to be better not someone greedy and in it for themselves. It shouldn’t be what our typical society sees as the “standard” meaning of success.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

While watching “Extreme Makeover” on Wednesday, I tried to think if all that pain and money would be worth it to be physically more attractive. The two women on the show before the makeover were very average looking. After the makeover, they looked completely different. They had so many different surgeries and worked out intensely for several weeks. They had to leave their families for a couple months for the makeover. I could tell these women appeared to be much happier after the makeover on TV. I wonder if they really feel like it was worth it to go through all that and be away from their families that long. I am pretty sure they probably felt it was worth it. It just doesn’t seem like physical appearances should be so important in life. I sometimes wonder if I had the opportunity if there is anything I would want to change about myself. I just can’t see myself wanting to spend the money on something like that. The Botox injections almost seem to be getting out of hand with the older women these days. I know no one wants wrinkles but it is just a natural part of growing old. If you are fifty and have no wrinkles you either are extremely good to your skin or have gotten Botox. I just think people with it almost look fake. They can’t even change their facial expressions. I am not sure if it is worth it to not be able to move your face in order to not have wrinkles.
“A Primer for the Punctuation of Heart Disease” appeared to be amusing at the beginning of the story with the explanations of the different marks. As I continued to read on, I realized it was quite a depressing story. There were many heart attacks in the family and many feared death. They just wanted to be loved. The story reminded me of the “Royal Tennibans” movie. That movie was about an interesting and confusing family. This family seemed to be a little odd as well. They had a lack of communication. It seems nowadays that many families are dysfunctional. I feel like they always have been like that even in the fifties but it was something that no one would ever talk about. Now people especially women have more rights and aren’t as scared to speak out. This family didn’t share with each other their feelings. I think it is something hard for almost everyone. I have a hard time talking to my dad or brother about personal things. It is much easier to talk to my mom or sister. In the story, many conversations also appeared to have hidden meaning with the different marks. Many things said seemed to really mean something else. At the end it had the two phrases that should be said out loud but weren’t of “‘I love you.’ I love you, too. So much.’” These two quotes reminded me of the quote from Moulin Rouge and a couple other movies. The Moulin Rouge quote is “The Greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” This narrator just wanted someone to love and love him back. It is something that many people desire to have in their lives. It is something that makes people feel more complete whether it is a relative, spouse, lover, or friend, it is important to have someone that loves you.

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